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Who We Are

Aborigine Reign's SBC Apparel is a dynamic clothing brand with the vision of strengthening the voice of the everyday supporter of Aborigine children and reengineering their mindset. Our mission is to unite the collective voice and gear up societal efforts to promote the ingenuity of Aborigine children.  

What We Do

We will lead a movement on empowering the Aborigine child. And we will do this in style, fusing design and quality to offer a wide range of aesthetically appealing, carefully made pieces of Aborigine inspired apparel that moves with you wherever your day takes you. 

Our Values

Solidarity, Support and Unity are strong values we share at Aborigine Reign. These values are key at every touch point of our daily decisions and inspire every single piece of apparel making it to our store. Aborigine Reign was founded by a team of passionate people, for passionate people - who see through the challenges of Aborigine children, desire action, and are actively looking to move the conversation on supporting Aborigine children forward. Leveraging the well-documented influence of clothing choice on self-perception and confidence, Aborigine Reign moves this conversation from street to style, a strategy that runs across the board from apparel choice to design style.
Looking for apparel ideas to supercharge your support for Aborigine children? Visit our shop.
But more than just an apparel line, Aborigine Reign’s tailor-made clothing pieces represent the voice of millions of people, the amazing abilities of the misrepresented, and the backbone of support and fashion for Aborigine children.

Community Efforts

Aborigine Reign is committed to our mission of improving and advancing the quality of life for Aborigine children locally and abroad. At Aborigine Reign,  Our goal is to build, and develop resource facilities that will provide tools & training our children need to prosper. We're starting this effort with the launch of SBC Apparel. The clothing line was called Support Black Children to draw attention, but we are indigenous people. So let's build awareness, while beginning a progressive campaign to gather prominent & influential members of our communities to come together & participate in this mission to change the lives of our children across the globe. Proceeds from SBC Apparel will begin the first phase of this project. Theses efforts will focus on the strengths, environment, and skill level of each child individually. We plan to provide culturally relevant, evidence-based curricula and programs that focus on health and wellness, finances, credit, real estate, entrepreneurship and family engagement. We support increased access to effective education starting at home. Aborigine Reign and our members believe in advocating for reformed education policies in low-income areas. We need to ensure that the regulations and resources will support equitable systems for Aborigine children and families throughout the United States and abroad.

Aborigine people, we need to collectively be the heart of this organization, engaging in successful programs and policies by reaching deep into Aborigine communities in cities across the globe. We need to support each other as we strengthen our capacity and engage in effective programs. As a people will need to provide financial resources, professional development, technical assistance and our time. This will not only come from us, but we need to equip our people in these communities with the capabilities and resources to help Aborigine children in need. Our headquarters is in Brooklyn, NY.

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